Special Edition 5: No One Here But Us Squirrels!

Once again, my avid reading has sent me on another adventure, this time one set in Japan. In this we follow a young girl, named Risuko, who likes to climb trees. She is taken from her home and her family to a school where she finds new friends, but not the everything is what it seems. This is the first story in a series by David Kudler. In this episode, Sue, Scott and Moony come together to share our thoughts on the story, then David joins us to share why he wrote the story and where it’s going from here. You can find out more about the story and David at Risuko.net. There you will also find several chapters and ways to contact David if you have any questions. There is also a Facebook Page.

Also in this episode:

Sue can’t speak Japanese
It’s Cold
The cook is Hagrid
Master Chef Canada
HP in tone
Weather with Moony
Lady Chi
Hero With 1000 Faces
Audio Books
Tips from David
Baths are better
The Chicks take over
Grumpy Cat

Hosts: Scott, Sue
Guest Host: Moony
Special Guest: David
Editor: Sue
Running Time: 1’26’15

Special Edition 4: There Be Dragons

As an avid reader, I’ve had the opportunity to read many stories, this one came highly recommended to me. In the tale of The Dragon Bard we find Dalen, a bard who has inherited “dragon treaties” and embarks on an adventure to write down the histories of the dragons. He meets several dragons in his travels and before long we see that there is something more going on. In this episode, Scott and I interview the author Heather Shropshire. We find she’s an accomplished artist, a teacher and a story teller. She can also speak many languages, just not ones that are helpful in our world. The sequel Darkening Moon is due out in about a month. Heather is happy to answer questions you may have, you can reach her at her Facebook page, Heather Shropshire. Heather Shropshire

Also in this episode:

~Hungry cats
~Reading Upside Down

Hosts: Sue, Scott
Special Guest: Heather
Runtime: 1’21’57
Editor: Sue

(ASOIAF) Episode 75 – The King Is Dead. Long Live The King.

After a very long time to read the book, longer to record the episode, and somehow even longer to edit and release, Poufwa Exchange returns to cover A Storm Of Swords and season 3 episode 9 of the hit HBO series Game Of Thrones. Along the way we question if 13 years is enough spoiler space.
Deth and Kat are on their own for most of tonight. Moony and raesive weren’t available for reasons that escape me now. With just two people talking, we’re able to whip through the material in good order. Character death is discussed in much detail. There’s some squeeing involved and also some tears. Bagels, bagels everywhere – except for Tyrion. Honestly, George! What’s with the creepy people? We fill up the remaining time with much silliness. Kat is wielding Aunt Petunia’s frying pan tonight while she comments on society as a whole. She also gets emotional about Arya and Tyrion. She and Deth both smell like garlic for some reason.
Dethryl and Kathryn have chickens. You may hear them being a bit giddy. Baby chickens are just too darn cute. If you want to see pictures, find Dethryl on Facebook.

Startling Revelations:
* GRRM cannot write action.
* Remus got a real babe.

Hosts: Dethryl, Kat
Special Guests: Moony, raesive, Kathryn
Length: 2:47:16
Editor: Deth

(Harry Potter) Episode 74 – Happiness Is A Wet Bird

PE is proud to present the fourth episode on the first and shortest book of the Harry Potter series. We only have three chapters on the docket tonight. Only three. Ponder that fact for a moment. Now question how long it will take. Oh, you will be amazed.
Deth’s scheduling leaves much to be desired. He tries to steer the ship, but we crash onto the rocks. rae accidentally drank a high ABU beverage and can feel herself being drunk. She one-ups Kat at LOTR. Winning. Kat is drinking some sort of booze. She’s not really sure what. She’s having fun, and that’s all that counts. She also encourages other people to drink. Perhaps due to all this drinking, we sing. Badly.
Harry took all his classes pass/fail. The calendar moves very briskly. How big is the lake? JKR didn’t think that far ahead.

Startling Revelations:
* Harry is an idiot.
* Ron is an assmitten.
* Hermione is nice.
* Neville is awesomesauce.

Hosts: Dethryl, Kat, Moony, raesive
Special Guests: Kathryn, Faraday, Curie
Time: 2:20:38
Editor: Deth

(Harry Potter) Episode 73 – HP is Full of Bad Messages for Kids

Poufwa Exchange returns with another year old recording! We continue our coverage of the Harry Potter canon, sometimes known as That Fic Written By JK Rowling. Tonight we covered chapters 10 through 14, and discussed parts of every other book in the series.
Character discussion! All Ron all the time. The famous Prewett temper. Minor characters discussed include Hermione the little liar and Draco the klepto-magpie. Hagrid drinks too much, but he has a giant hair dryer. The professors are all drunk too, and the characters are all idiots.
Kat is impersonating Tricia tonight. She’s hot but does not like vomit. She says “No” a lot and approves of stealing from baby dragons. Moony doesn’t know where she’s going but is eager to find things.
Question and Answer session! Do the words of a spell matter? Logistics and logic. JKR didn’t think that deeply about things.

Startling Revelations:
* rae has been abducted by the Daleks and is communicating from outer space.
* Moony will find that if you give her a minute. Hang on.
* Scarlett needs to eat.
* Kat is writing a fic.
* Deth has ideas.

Hosts: Dethryl, Kat, Moony, raesive, Scarlett
Time: 3:23:48
Editor: Deth

(Harry Potter) Episode 72 – Ron Weasley, Man Of Many Spoons

We continue our aggressively in-depth discussion of the Harry Potter canon. Last time we only made it through five chapters. Tonight we only do four, and we can’t blame it all on Chi this time. God, help us; we’ve decided to cover the entire canon.
Kat is celebrating her first podcast in her new apartment. She has a bottle of wine and also, as it turned out, the flu. She goes skipping through the daisies and uses her dramatic voice a lot. Moony has improved vision, but it was just a cruel trick. rae makes magical jell-o. Scarlett is having two summers. Because of this good fortune, she is therefore quite brilliant tonight. She claims it comes with being a Ravenclaw, but we don’t hold to house stereotypes around here. Deth has a new job. Now he won’t get to watch Judge Judy all day. He has since left this job and started another right across the street. This episode was recorded a year ago. The fact that Deth has a new job is the reason you’re getting this episode a year late.
It’s totally WeasleyCast tonight. Lots of discussion about the Weasley twins. Lots of Ron. Like, seriously, lots. Every one of the hosts has a problem with him. The odd mention of Harry, Hermione, and Neville.

Startling Revelations:
* rae is a Dalek, reluctantly.
* Moony is an emotional wreck.
* Scarlett is still under age to drink with us.
* Kat has house pride.
* Deth insists upon logic.

Hosts: Dethryl, Kat, Moony, raesive, Scarlett
Time: 3:50:12
Editor: Deth

(Harry Potter) Episode 71 – Why Are You Such A Hot Mess Today?

Some time back, we had the crazy idea to analyze the Harry Potter canon as though it were fanfic. We finally went and did it. We did it with Chi. The result is a return to all the things that made PFW great. We provide completely in-depth discussion of things that are only marginally on the point. We take hours to even start on chapter 1 and hours more to get through it.
Kat is moving tomorrow. She’s not packed. She may indulge in a little bit of swearing tonight, as she has anger issues towards various characters we talk about. She raises the Hufflepuff banner proudly, defying Hagrid’s characterization of her house. The Slytherins cheer her on.
Chi is high on ibuprofen but needs to do laundry. She asks the age-old question “Do laundry or buy new underwear?” We pray for her liver. Her lack of clothes might be why she was propositioned on dating sites.
Lots of in-depth discussion of chapters 1 through 5, so in-depth that it gets way off course. We have become birthers and demand to know where Harry’s birth certificate is. Hagrid was caught breaking into the safe in the Potter house. There’s a lot on the Dursley family. It turns out Uncle Vernon was the nice one. We discover this and other startling revelations about what you thought you knew about canon.

In tonight’s episode:
* Kat is spying on Deth. Since she wants to join the NSA, this is vaguely appropriate.
* Moony urges the abolition of money.
* Chi knows lots of sensitive guys in Kansas.
* Discussions-That-Shall-Not-Be-Had
* Lily is a biker chick.
* Hagrid walks Harry down the aisle.
* Dear God: Do not click on this link until 1:38:00 in the podcast. http://i.imgur.com/EBwdVKd.jpg

Startling Revelations:
– Chi rants all the time
– Moony will talk about that later
– Kat is a Hufflepuff
– Deth has questions
– JKR can’t do maths

Hosts: Dethryl, Kat, Moony
Special Guest: Chi
Runtime: 3:16:46
Editor: Deth

(Stargate) Episode 70 – And now for something completely different.

Tonight, the hosts are returning to the Stargate fandom. It’s been awhile since we watched, so there’s lots of checking the wiki. Deth and Kathryn are drinking tequila and may be tax evaders. Kat talks religion of her own volition.
Season 3 has lots of awesome. By and large there’s excellent progression on a lot of different arcs. We’ve got a few issues with it regarding timing and pacing, as there is one episode of this season that really needs to be watched in season 2. No one cares about Sha’re anymore. Even professional writers require beta readers. Daniel gets lots of girls, as does Jack. Jack finally kisses Sam again, but it’s not the real deal, so we are sad shippers.
Apophis comes back. Again! If Apophis = Voldemort and Hathor = Umbridge, who is playing the part of Bellatrix? The Goa’uld do not know how to friend, but at least they celebrate diversity.
* Deth and Kathryn may get chickens.
* Chicago and Boston have attitude.
* Jaffa jokes!
* Pope Francis stories.
* The arrogance of the Tollan.
* Cake or death?
* Giant aliens!

Maniacs: Dethryl, Kat, Kathryn
Special Guests: Rusty the Red, Curie the Green, Faraday the Singer
Time: 3:55:07
Editor: Deth

(Castle) Episode 69 – Kat does not have a sordid sex life

After a very long delay, the hosts are discussing the second season of Castle, starring the incorrigible Nathan Fillion. Be forewarned: Kat gets fairly bombed during these two recordings. ‘How bombed?’, you ask. By her own proclamation, she wants to have babies with her Pinot Noir. Enough that we got her to discuss sex, politics, and religion, her trifecta of verboten topics. Despite numerous protests that we’re not going to get political, that’s exactly where we go. The gun policy discussion starts at the 4 hour mark and lasts a good 25 minutes.
We love the very cohesive, self-referencing world. It’s nice to see the secondary characters step up, like Honeymilk. Despite this season being too much of “Just another cop show”, it’s still better than any other cop show out there. The MEs are awesome.
We forget to call Bob. We engage in broad generalizations of men and women. Kat compares breast implants to puppies. We give criminal advice that is not to be used. We discover that Deth does not have boobs or curvy hips. We have a discussion about towels/towel physics.
* The Fonz and other pop culture icons. Inner death. Generational disconnect. The joys of modern air travel.
* Traffic stop etiquette.
* The joy of infomercials. “Now I own a boat-boat!”
* Crazy cat ladies.
* The awesomeness of Robert Picardo.
* Lethal Weapon is a great series of movies.
* PSA: Practice safe bondage and use safe words.
* Sneezing is the same as meth.
* Nikki Heat is real.
* Startling Revelations:
Kat knows about forensic science and criminal justice
Bob doesn’t speak much
Deth has issues with crime show science

Maniacs: Deth, Kat, Bob – King of Squirrels
MIA: Scott
Time: 5:09:36
Editor: Dethryl

(The Abyss) Episode 68 – PE loves all things nuclear

Tonight we take a break from television to discuss a feature film from 1989. Warning: This is a James Cameron film. Even worse, we’re talking about the Special Edition which is extended with material not found in the theatrical or home video edition. It is, of course, impossible to discuss James Cameron without mentioning Titanic. Only one of the three hosts has seen Titanic.
On to the feature! All of the hosts are upset over the mischaracterization of Navy SEALs. It’s not a realistic portrayal of military men. The blue-collar guys are supposed to be the heroes because the plot says so, so the military guys have to be chumps. The male lead, Budd, is REAL blue-collar. He’s also blue-armed.
How many explanations are there for a real bright white light?
* A little game of Red Rover with the Russian Navy.
* Dethryl and Kathryn have to go to rehab.
* Ryan is the World’s Best Cat-Mom.
* Kathryn is delighted by our explicit rating.
* Church culture and the attitude towards children.
* Mpreg.
* No true sports fan would risk their letterman jacket in freezing salt water.

Maniacs: Dethryl, Kat, Kathryn
MIA: Bob – King of Squirrels
Time: 2:48:56
Editor: Dethryl

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