(Babylon 5) Episode 36 – Herbie Saves the Day!


Episode 36 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

With the release of this episode, the Babylon 5 universe has lost another voice. Jeff Conaway has joined Andreas Katsulas, Richard Biggs, and Tim Choate beyond the Rim, and it is only fitting that tonight’s episodes so heavily showcase the character of Zack Allen.

Tonight, Poufwa jumps into Season 3, discussing Matters of Honor through Severed Dreams! The series arc kicks into prominent gear with these episodes, concluding in an unofficial three-parter that changes the series forever.

It’s quite the podcast! We finally manage to get Aaron’s microphone sensitivity to a reasonable level. Really. Kind of. A widdle. Speaking of widdle, Delenn stops by. Londo and G’Kar get trapped in an elevator. Think B5 jumped the shark? Slap yourself. There’s hilarity! I am a scared little girl when confronted by danger, or whenever it’s time to empty the trash. Vorlons are boob….not boob men. Vorlons are boob refrigerators.

Zima has a modern website. If you find it, tell me about it. The Macintosh System apparently is a lightweight.

Happy listening!

The Maniacs Responsible For This Production: Ryan, Dethryl, Aaron, Kathryn

Runtime: 2’59’57 – Because 3 hours was just too long.
Editor: Dethryl

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