(Torchwood) Episode 39 – Toiletries, Swedes, and “Interspecies” as a Verb


Episode 39 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! Episode 40 comes out in 24 hours, so listen fast!

Tonight, Jen CLassic and I are back for our second episode covering the Doctor Who spinoff, Torchwood: Miracle Day, airing in the United States on Starz! This episode discusses Episode 2: Rendition, and contains spoilers for previous seasons of Torchwood and up through the Season 6.0 finale of Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War.

After the Torchwood team reunites, Jack comes to the realization that he may be the most vulnerable man on Earth. Meanwhile, a flight headed for the United States galvanizes into a pivotal battle for survival.

The woman who questioned for years what toilet paper Harry used unloads on Torchwood! Be prepared to learn more than you ever thought you’d learn about Jack’s immigration papers, and since we have a few moments to spare, Jen will explain to you – banking.

Happy listening!

The Maniacs Responsible For This Production: Ryan, Jen Classic

Runtime: 54’13
Editor: Ryan

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