(ASOIAF-DWD) Episode 52 – Other than that, we have no strong feelings on the matter


Episode 52 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

Tonight, our hosts reconvene their coverage of ASOIAF and are jumping directly to the newly-released fifth book, A Dance With Dragons. We spoil absolutely everything, so consider yourself notified. Our hosts are of divided opinion and the expelitives are flying fast and furious. We are an explicit podcast, but tonight we really earn it. We’ve got our dander up, so we’re very on-topic.

Startling revelations:
* All of the hosts have at one point been the Lord of Harrenhal.
* Bran is Voldemort. Harry is Hodor.
* Here a warg, there a warg, everywhere a warg-warg!
* If Dany is infertile, and if Jon is Rhaegar’s legitimate son, then to have further Targaeryns must involve mpreg with Aegon.
* Dethryl, Aaron, and PS will be the three dragonriders.

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The Maniacs Responsible for this Production Dethryl, PS, Aaron, and Richard, Elle
Runtime: 2’41’49

Editor: Dethryl

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