(The West Wing) Episode 10 – CJ Has Woot Canal!


After an extended hiatus, the first season of Poufwa Exchange resumes with the release of Episode 10!

In this episode, Ryan, Julia, and PS resume our Poufwa rewatch of Aaron Sorkin’s, The West Wing, providing commentary on the hysterically poignant first season episode, Celestial Navigation.  I refer to it as the one where CJ goes to the dentist and Bill Adama kicks ass, but you may be looking for more?

In a lecture at Georgetown, Josh recalls the previous week at the White House, during which he replaced a dentally impaired C.J. in the press room and gave a memorably disastrous briefing, while Toby and Sam fly to Connecticut and are now lost in a rental car on the Connecticut Turnpike. They’ve gone on critical business: the president’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Roberto Mendoza, was pulled over by the local police for “driving while Hispanic” and refuses to take a sobriety test.

If our laughing gets too loud, turn the TV up.  Don’t turn the podcast down!  It pisses off Toby.

Happy listening!

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