(Gilmore Girls) Episode 60 – Live from the New Hampshire Primary, It’s Cooking with Dick!


Episode 60 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

You never know what you’ll find in the Poufwa editing bay. Some of our recordings are propped on the floor lathered in beer and mold. We usually pull Kezza out of retirement to save them. But every once in a great while, we have a discussion that clicks so perfectly we barely have to touch it.

No setup. This is one of those episodes.

We really pack it in this week. The wife joins Jen Classic and me, and we welcome Richard back to the Poufwa Exchange to discuss the hell out of Gilmore Girls, from favorite moments to characters to how much we cannot stand Christopher Hayden. It’s a great discussion for anyone who loves this wonderful series. If you’ve never tried it, something is wrong with you. Run, don’t walk.

This recording is quasi-vintage and was recorded during the New Hampshire primary. I’m pretty sure it was the 2012 one. We get rather heated on the electoral college for the first 12 minutes, before introducing a new podcast segment – Cooking with Dick! Danielle and Richard geek out on kitchen appliances for 20 minutes before we dive into Gilmore Girls.

No bullet points. Be surprised, and enjoy!

The Maniacs Responsible for this Production Ryan, Jen Classic, Richard, Danielle
Runtime: 2’25’09

Editor: Ryan

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