(A Song of Ice and Fire) Episode 27 – Gregor loves Napa wines, rape, exotic cheese, the killing of infants, and model ship building


Episode 27 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

Tonight, we proudly debut our George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, starting with Book I – A Game of Thrones!

We’ve tried summaries and are miserable. The cut and paste, for those who bumped their heads.

Sword and Sorcery, hold the Sorcery. Lord of the Rings, but not really. Very shiny.

This episode covers roughly the first 100 pages, and Poufwanians are advised and encouraged to read ahead and beyond. Future episodes will bite away at this first book in difficult-to-measure chunks, and releases will be alternated with our ongoing coverage of Babylon 5, with a zombie thrown in here and there for good measure.

In tonight’s episode:

~I didn’t do my homework and repetitively compare the book to Babylon 5, even though they’re totally different types of genre and media. Broken brains and zombies and all that…
~You mean this book is actually about politics?
~Ice, Ice baby!
~How big is that thing, actually?!
~Do’s and Don’t’s for beheading
~Bastard Etiquette
~The Red Keep is now a frat house
~It’s no wonder Jon is Emo, he’s freezing his balls off
~The hero DIES?
~The Westeros Realty Company
~The only place where killing puppies as a toddler is a plus on your resume
~Gregor Clegane – Host on Sprout, double-dutch jump rope pro
~Joffrey’s an asshat
~Sir Rodrick as a Snowbird on TPiR!
~PS dissects the meaning of old
~PS has a weird book…
~Richard plays Devil’s Advocate for Jaime & Cercei
~ASoIaF the Musical
~No means no, but does it mean no or yes or maybe?
~Dothraki don’t need cable

The Wackjobs Responsible For This Production: PS, Dethryl, Jen2, Aaron, Richard, Ryan

Runtime: 2’08’57
Editor: Jen2

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